09 May 2010

Five Posts in Five Days

This blog has seen more active days.

I suppose that-- as its subtitle indicates-- it is a chronicle of a learning experience.

As a teacher I have learned that time and sleep are more precious than I ever realized as a full-time Soldier. There you have it...my excuse for skipping weeks.

When I began this blog as a regular cathartic exercise for venting my frustrations with the Army, I was pretty faithfully posting once weekly. After the deployment I proudly professed, "The Blog Will Go On!"

My fidelity to that promise has waned, but I am getting back on track.

In order to atone for my dereliction, I am offering:


Look for exciting expositions on topics that you've come to expect from your humble Loyal Cynic, such as yesterday's (which is not included in the five-- it's like a bonus).

Read on.

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