08 May 2010

Beat Your Face and Stop Thinking!

In an effort to reach out to the military community and share some of my thoughts on the civilian education-army training nexus that is the “My Public Affairs” blog, I started a discussion thread on Military.com.

My main point is summarized thusly: If the tasks that Soldiers perform are different now than they were 100 years ago, would it be wise to adjust the training methods to teach those tasks? Some say no, I say yes. That's all. Relax.

With emphasis on the last word. Granted, I was a bit provocative and sarcastic in my original post, but I didn’t realize that I would strike such a sensitive chord in some of the Soldiers.

Evidence, and a best of list of the counterpoints:

“Sounds like you'll have yourself an excellent LIBS' rendition of Basic Training . . .you puzzy.”

“Aside from the above...Thank You for Volunteering...”

‘Preciate it!

“Dude, you are thinking too much. I went through Basic Training in the middle 80's and I have B.A. too. Back then, Soldiers with B.A. were rare and older ones were rarer still, I was in my 30's. Everything back then was very easy, nothing that required deep thought, remember, most of the recruits back then barely had H.S educations and I had more education than the D.S. Heck, One of my last units my C.O. still hadn't finished his B.S. I understand from U.S. Army Times that Basic is kinda reinventing itself.”

Sad when people within any organization don’t want you to think.

“Beat your face.”

I don’t even know what that means! Can a seasoned Soldier please comment on the origin of that phrase? Doesn’t sound flattering.

“Guess what- you're Ivory tower is now Green! As a private doctrine does not concern you in BCT, Learning the Army methods & way, learning the skills necessary to kill, survive and take care of yourself and buddy are what is important! You can try to judge BCT once and if you pass and become a soldier! Beat you boots!”

“Please Proffessor [sic] show me where in the business world where: you go without sleep for up to 96 hrs, march 30 miles in one day carrying 120-14-lbs of equipment, eat one meal a day if lucky, move while people are intent on killing you, move forward under fire to kill those who are trying to kill you, try to patch your buddy's torn body together while bullets are flying around you? The point of BCT is to tear you down, and reshape you into someone that will obey orders together unders [sic] stress (they don't shoot at you in training) so that you will follow and not set around a campfire holding a discussion on the orders before moving.”

Good times on Military.com. I’m still posting, holding my own, but it’s about 25 to one at last count, with the occasional nod to one of my better arguments (which are legion, I might add).

My goal is to grow this humble little blog to rival the behemoth that hosts my confrontational thread. Will you help me?

If you decline, I have only one thing to say—

Beat you face!

(Photo by David Dismukes)

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  1. You are hilarious! What people need to understand is that you are not bad-mouthing the Military. Rather, you are pointing out ways to make the Military more efficient. A market analysis researches what is currently out there and helps you analyze whether to proceed with your new business idea or maintain the status quo. In your case – that is, from an educator’s perspective – you’ve definitely identified ways which could bring forth beneficial results if some methods were altered.

    The posts on military.com are hilarious. The general public’s resistance is not as fierce as what you'll get in the Military. Heck, the boys are still struggling with having women around. :) Let alone allow one of them to display a different perspective on how things should work in their fraternity. You are in for a fight – a funny one it will be at times – “beat your face” who says this?