09 June 2010

Hooters Girls and Harry Potter

The life of a National Guardsman is NEVER limited to only one weekend a month. My unit NCOIC frequently emails me with tasks that need to get done before upcoming drills.

It's usually pretty important stuff, so yesterday, you can imagine my alarm when the following appeared in my inbox:
I’ll hire Hooters girls to direct traffic. This signing might get ugly like Harry Potter books or Twilight so get there early. I’m going to camp out with some homeless vets.
To my relief, it was only to inform me of the most stupendous event of the summer (besides the opening of Twilight 3: Eclipse):

The California State Military Museum will be hosting a lecture and book signing by Mr. Rich Stowell, author of Nine Weeks: A Teacher's Education in Army Basic Training. This event will be held at 7:00 pm, 23 June 2010 in the museum's Sgt. Maj. Doris Drennan Multi-Purpose Room.
This will be my first bona fide author event, so I am preparing diligently to make it informative and entertaining.

You must attend.


  1. Congratulations Professor :)
    I think I will make this my summer reading, I've been on the hunt for a good read besides textbooks

  2. Thanks, and you will LOVE it. Money-back guarantee!

  3. I gave a copy of the book to our local library -- required reading for any one thinking of boot camp, the Army, etc.

  4. Well done sir. Well. Done. (Imagine with British commander type accent).