15 June 2010

Happy Birthday, Army (and Old Glory)

How many U.S. flags did you see flying around yesterday?

Flag day is on the Army's birthday coincidentally. When I was at Basic, I failed an impromptu quiz given by DS Martinez in the chow line about the very topic.

"When was the Army born?"

"1775, Drill Sergeant!"

Not good enough. He wanted exact dates.
At the time, the birthday of the United States Army seemed unimportant. But anyone who has been to an Army dining facility on June 14 realizes that, judging by the size of and amount of frosting on the cake, that the Army's anniversary is a VERY big deal.

As it should be. Two things that need to be given a little more respect: the Army and the Stars and Stripes.

It saddens me that most classrooms that I've been in are lacking any display of patriotism. Most schools have shrines to the likes of Che and Malcolm, and few if any of MacArthur and Grant.

It would be nice to see more flags flying...every day.

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