09 November 2009

A Penetrating Glimpse of Army Basic Training

Many of you may know that I have completed my account of Basic Training.

During my horrendous stint at Fort Sill for Army boot camp, I recorded many thoughts in my daily journal and dozens of letters to my wife.

Basic Combat Training so scarred me that I decided to put my experience in book form. It's done. The wounds have healed, and I have successfully evaded complete indoctrination, so I am prepared to tell it like it is.

The book is about my time in Basic. Nine Weeks, it's called. And people tell me it's funny. My wife told me it's hilarious, and though I have to take any compliment she pays me with a grain of salt, others have corroborated her assessment.

So in approximately one month from now this book will be available on Amazon.com. I hope you get jonesed for it and decide to get yourself an early Christmas present.

Remember, Nine Weeks. You can read slightly more about it at my website: www.rich-stowell.com.

If you've served, I'd love to hear your stories of Army Basic Training. If you've never been, I'd like you to post what you think boot camp is really like. Because my misconceptions were shattered when I went over two years ago.

And all I have is a book to show for it.


  1. Awesome! I love the cover - great design. I'm asking for this book for Christmas!!

  2. At least you wrote a book about it, all I remember is that it was lame and I was glad to get out of there. It does have its purpose for the masses though.

  3. Ah, yes...the masses. That is how the Army is designed, to its discredit, I think.

    We were like so many widgets on an assembly line whose terminus could easily be a body bag in Afghanistan.

    Good training should be more responsive to a highly-skilled warrior who can outwit his enemy, who is cleverer and more creative than any we've ever faced.

  4. Nice work Rich, I can't wait to read it. I want a signed copy though. Happy Veterans Day!


  5. Rich - That's pretty sweet. I'll be sure to pick up a copy. And I think you're hilarious, too... and not just in looks.