12 October 2009

Blogging...Army Style

Why is the Army afraid of different perspectives?

As a good Soldier, I visited the Army's Year of the NCO site, and read up on some blogs. The posts are unsurprisingly sterile and unimaginitive, but I thought I'd do the bloggers a solid and chime in with a comment.

I learned that official Army bloggers are only interested in comments that reguritate the company line.

After submitting my response-- which wasn't subsersive, by any means-- I was given a message that my comment was "awaiting moderation."

Apparently that means, "sorry, we don't appreciate your comment."

For example, in response to a post about the importance of fitness, I wrote:

"I am a relative newcomer to the Army, and one of the things I love is the emphasis on physical fitness and general wellness. It’s nice to read an SGM talk about it. In fact, it would really improve morale if senior NCOs would place more emphasis on health–- improving APFT performance, nutrition, and smoking cessation. I think American Soldiers should be the fittest on the planet, and physical fitness certainly makes the force more ready and deadly than other things that tend to tie up NCOs’ time, attention, and resources.

It's pretty sad that the good folks at Army Public Affairs can't handle even the slightest tinge of an original opinion.

The U.S. Constitution and Blogger are wonderful things. I'll just spend time on my own blog, it's got the best persepctive anyway.

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  1. What's your PT score at these days? I hope I could hit 270, but I'd need a month to get back into Army shape. Not that I'm really out of shape, it's just lifting isn't conducive to a high APFT score.