28 July 2009

Ten Things I Love About the Army, Part II

Read Ten Things I Love about the Army, Part I

Contrary to popular belief, I was able to come up with ten things. Splitting the list was simply a nefarious marketing scheme to tease you into coming back. If you're reading this, it must have worked.

Without further ado, the rest of the things I love about the Army.

6. Bigness and Badness: So the Marine Corps may be first to fight, and the Navy has a fleet that can respond to any crisis, and of course the Air Force has devastating quick strike capabilities...but when we need raw manpower, it’s the Army that gets the call. It's the biggest force with the most firepower. We can take a piece of land and nobody can do a damn thing about it.

7. Respect for Civilian Authority: Ever since Washington resigned his commission to the Continental Congress, our Army has maintained that proud tradition of following our elected leaders. There has never been a serious thought about a military coup, and military leaders make it apparent by their deference to politicians that they have no interest in politics. Good stuff.

8. Physical Training and Hydration: Physical fitness is a virtue, and all efforts are made to encourage it. In addition to getting the troops to exercise, the Army keeps us healthy by getting us to drink tons of H2O. I love water, and I love that the Army loves me enough to make me drink lots of it. From cases of bottled water to the urine color charts, the Army does it darned best to keep the force hydrated.

9. The Army Strong Song. Listen to the full version and try to tell me it doesn't make you want to watch the Dirty Dozen or When We Were Soldiers again. You can download the mp3 and other songs at http://www.army.mil/fieldband/pages/listening/downloads.html

10.Camp Bondsteel DFAC Chocolate Chip Cookies: Army food is usually pretty good. Never mind the fact that it is rarely made by the Army, but...OK, OK, I almost forgot this is a positive posting. I have to keep reminding myself: things I love about the Army. The cookies are amazing.

The criticism resumes next week.


  1. You prefer Army food over Nigerian cuisine?

  2. What's doing PT like when you're deployed?

    I assume they have a gym, but does your unit do group PT as well?