01 June 2009

Does It Have to Be What It Is?

Number 1: "It is what it is." This detestable phrase rumbles off the lips of far too many Soldiers. The brainwashed Soldier will tell you that it is merely an honest acknowledgement that certain things are outside of his control, with the assurance that he is driving on with the mission stoically. In reality it is nothing but a gutless copout.

The Army should be creating Soldiers who can solve problems. Instead, they have assembled a crew of automatons who follow standard protocol and a host of rules and regulations. When a situation arises that challenges the norm, or when someone in authority puts the kibosh on something, instead of putting brainpower toward overcoming the obstacle, they throw their hands up in the air—“it is what it is!”

What a defeatist attitude. What if that was the Army’s response to the mounting combat deaths in Iraq? Or the surge in suicides? We should be the most resourceful team on the planet, yet that stupid, retarding phrase hinders Soldiers’ ability and desire to solve problems and think outside the box.

“It is what it is” is the stupidest saying in the Army.

1 comment:

  1. Things definately are what they are. No matter what something is, it is exactly that. It. No matter what you say you can't change it. How about doing something and allowing something to be done about 'it'? That would be novel. The Army is pretty retarded sometimes.